Running for All

Running should be for all. Everyone should have an equal chance to participate in and benefit from running. That's always been our philosophy, and why we created Belfast Falcons, set-up JogBelfast, trained running guides for visually impaired runners and worked in special needs schools for free. It's why we volunteer coach today at Belfast Running Club. But we want to do more.


We want to highlight the positives, break down barriers and provide people with information and opportunities to enjoy running. #RunningForAll means making it as easy as possible for everyone to get involved, and stay involved in running. To do that, we want to become a one-stop shop running resource for running in and around Belfast. We have many new projects coming on board, but for now, if you're involved in running let us know and we'll help promote you. Whether you're a running shop, running group, club, physiotherapist, chiropractor, race organiser, blog or fitness/pilates coach etc that deals with runners - let us know and we'll list you on the site for free*. Please fill in the form below:

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