Welcome to the Falcons 

Falcons is a new group aimed at getting people out running. So why not come along get fit and have fun. This is the first inclusive running group in Belfast and is part of our #RunningForAll programme. Falcons started in October 2016, with a 10 week pilot programme and will kick-off again in January 2017. We train 8-9am on Saturday mornings at Ormeau Park, and meet at the parkrun start sign (beside Ozone car-park).

We'd a successful test run on Sat 22nd Oct, great fun thanks to all our amazing athletes & volunteers

We'd a successful test run on Sat 22nd Oct, great fun thanks to all our amazing athletes & volunteers

Falcons is for people who want to get outside and become more active. It is open to, but not exclusively to, adults with an intellectual disability. We want to give everyone the opportunity to run and have fun doing so. Parents/Family members are welcome to come along and become involved whether through running, walking or both. Even if you don't know someone with an intellectual disability, you are still very welcome and will still get expert coaching.

We would like to put in at least one relay team into the Belfast City Marathon (1st May 2017) and have people complete 5k (e.g. parkrun) in 2017. We're keen to help people run whatever their dream goal is (1km, 10km, Half-Marathon, whatever). Falcons will be led by Liam McGarry (Coach at Belfast Running Club), with volunteers from Belfast Running Club & UUJ. More information is contained below the registration form (scan on down).

Falcons has a limited number of spaces, so please register early If you are interested in taking part. A waiting list will be set-up once we have reached capacity. To register please fill in the form below.

*** All participants must be over 18 and must register in advance.***

Participant Name *
Participant Name
The Falcons is an outdoor activity programme. It is up to the participant (and/or their carers) to confirm they are able to safely take part in the programme; consulting with their doctor where necessary. Please list below any pre-existing medical or behavioural condition(s)that you or your doctor feels may be relevant and we should be aware of (if there is nothing we need be aware of, please state "none"):
Code of Conduct *
This is a pilot programme run by volunteers, whose priority is to provide a safe, fun and harmonious running programme for participants. The coach has the final say on all matters regarding this programme. All participants must agree to comply with the coaches (and volunteer) instructions and relevant policies and codes of conduct at all times.
Carer Confirmation *
I understand that this is a pilot programme and I agree to comply with the coaches instructions and all relevant codes of conduct. On behalf of participant I have reviewed the above form and confirmed that all details are correct.
If there is any other relevant additional information that would impact on our delivery of the programme - please let us know in the box below:


Ormeau Park

Meet at the parkrun start/finish sign beside the Ozone car-park

Contact: Liam on 0775380377 or belfastrunning@gmail.com



Belfast Falcons welcomes interest from volunteer runners. You don't have to be at every session, and don't need coaching experience (although brilliant if you have it). If interested, please contact Liam via belfastrunning@gmail.com 


Any Questions?

Check out the answers to the JogBelfast FAQs. As a quick recap:

Ormeau Park (picture of meeting point)

Ormeau Park (picture of meeting point)

  • All participants must register online in advance. Participants can not just turn up on the day.
  • Registrants will get an email to confirm their registration and will be updated by email throughout the programme period. If you have any queries please call/email Liam
  • Free parking is available at the Ozone Centre (access via Ormeau Embankment), and family members/carers are welcome to get involved
  • All sessions will take place outdoors, so participants are asked to dress appropriately for the conditions and to bring a bottle of water (no energy drinks allowed).
  • Sessions will initially last between 30-60 mins
  • Ormeau Park is an open park area that is open to the public (including dog walkers) during the sessions. We have run several JogBelfast and Club training programmes in Ormeau Park before and this has not been an issue but we will review this as we go along.
  • All participants and carers must comply with coaches instructions and codes of conduct at all time
  • We hope to provide an information session during the programme to learn from participants and carers; and inform everyone of future plans. We also hope to have some form of graduation/celebration at the end of the programme, with details confirmed nearer the time.
  • In time this programme may become part of the official JogBelfast programme but that is not the case at the moment. We will gladly help signpost people to local running programmes, groups, clubs, races and events where appropriate
  • We're looking forward to the programme and hope that you enjoy it too!