#7parkruns (Postponed)

*** Postponed due to bad weather. New date to be confirmed ****

Belfast has 7 parkruns spread across North, South, East & West of the city. We’re going to run them all before lunchtime on Sat [NEW date TBC]. We’ll start in the dark and run through dawn, finishing at Colin Glen Forest Park for lunch. Are you in?

There is no map, no fancy website, t-shirt, support crew, goody bag or bling. No crisps at the finish or championship chip. We’re running for the craic and the challenge, to do something that hasn’t been done before, to see new places, to enjoy and to explore… in the spirit of the legendary #18parkruns

We’ll start at 6am at Dub lane, so bring a head torch… you’ll need to able to complete each parkrun in under 32 mins (approx. 9-10 min miles) and be comfortable running off-road in the dark on your own. You can run each parkrun course at your own speed but we’ll all arrive and leave together at each course, so you will need transport, either your own car or to arrange a lift with someone.

There will be 35km (21.7 miles) of running and at least 38km or driving, as we criss-cross Belfast. Stormont will be the only actual parkrun we will participate in (9:30am start), the others we will just be running the course (so no parkrun points!).  We’ll have three completed by Stormont. After which we will head to Waterworks, then Falls before heading to Colin Glen (aiming to start there 12:50pm).

If you can’t do the ‘magnificent 7’, feel free to meet or join us at Victoria (8:10am start) Stormont or Colin Glen. You’ll need to bring your own food & drink (but this can be left in the cars), we’re not sure when/where toilets will be open (there is one at Victoria Park, bring 20p) and bring money for lunch at Colin Glen. Most of these will be done in parks, so please don’t drop litter… just appreciate our fantastic parks and scenery.

To see the courses go to parkrun page. This is for fun, and done entirely at your own risk and enjoyment. We disclaim all liability etc, and our times may change, although we will keep people updated by twitter (@belfastrunning). If you want to do it, be there at 6am.

Live the dream :)